Alishah Ranjbaryan President of ETC Group

Our passion is to provide our Customers with guaranteed power supply in critical situations.
Alishah Ranjbaryan
President of ETC Group

ETC Group is a international group of companies operating in the area of telecommunications and industry power supply systems, as well as advanced additives for ceramic industry, based in Ahrensburg, Germany. The roots of the ETC Group go back to 1986, when the ETC Trading Corporation KG was founded. Currently the ETC Group consists of the following companies: ETC Trading KG, Telzas Sp. z o.o., ETC Plus sp. z o.o., ETC Power, ETC Green Power and several other cooperating companies. Our advantages are:

  • over 37 years of experience on markets of Europe, Middle East and Africa,
  • over 50 thousand reference sites in telecommunication, energetics, industry and public infrastructure,
  • technological partners: Exide Technologies, Emerson, Ferro and many others...

Our hardware and software products are based on innovative technological solutions, developed by our expert engineering team of the R&D department. Modern manufacturing department allow us to guarantee the top-quality products, global production capabilities and experience.


12/2/2023 3:47:08 PM